How to add reviews to Shopify website

How to add reviews to Shopify website

December 1, 2023

Kirill Tereshchenko
How to add reviews to Shopify website

Shopify retired its free app for product reviews, so users need to find other options. There are two primary approaches to import reviews to Shopify:

❌ You can install a paid Shopify app from the Shopify app store. Best Shopify apps to import reviews: Youtpo, Okendo, Loox, Junip. These apps often come with a monthly subscription fee or offer a limited free version.

✅ Use customer testimonial software like Wally. Using Wally, you can import reviews from Google, Facebook, TrustPilot, and Twitter to your Shopify website!

Why use Wally to import reviews to Shopify?

😎 No paid subscription! Import product reviews from any website and embed up to 10 on your Shopify website for free. You can get lifetime access to Wally. It goes beyond this limit and doesn't have monthly subscriptions for basic functions. Unlike other Shopify apps.

🏄‍♀️ Save a lot of time! Wally can bulk import product reviews to Shopify without manual copy-pasting. Just in one click. In addition, you can turn on auto-sync. This lets Wally track and sync your new reviews.

🔒 Reviews are already verified! You don't need to send annoying verification requests to the Shopify app's support. Each review includes the original link. This makes it easy for your customers to validate them.

How to add reviews to Shopify using Wally testimonial app:

Step 1: Import existing customer reviews

  1. Log in to Wally using your Google account or enter your email:

    Wally Login page

  2. Choose the platforms from which you want to import reviews on Shopify:

    Shopify import reviews

After you have imported customer reviews, proceed to the next step to edit and manage them.

Step 2: Manage reviews

Edit content and approve positive reviews to add them to the Shopify testimonial widget:

Review management service

Step 3: Design testimonials widget

Set your own design for your testimonial widget to match your website branding:

  • Adjust styles and colors.

  • Show or hide elements such as avatar, stars, date, platform logo, and link.

  • Set the order for displaying reviews or randomize it with each page load.

Testimonials widget design

Step 4: Embed testimonials widget on Shopify

  1. Navigate to your Shopify store.

  2. Choose the "Themes" menu in the "Online Store" section:

    Selecting Shopify Themes

  3. Click "Customize":

    Shopify customize theme

  4. Add a section in the left sidebar menu:

    Shopify adding section

  5. Click "Custom Liquid":

    Shopify embed

  6. Click on the added "Custom Liquid" block to edit:

    Shopify edit embed code

  7. Go to the "Widgets" menu in Wally.

  8. Select the preferred testimonials widget:

    Testimonials widget

  9. Click the "Embed widget" button:

    Embed testimonials widget button

  10. Copy the provided code snippet:

    Embed testimonials widget code

  11. Paste the copied embed code from Wally:

    Shopify edit embed code textarea

  12. Click "Save":

    Shopify save changes

  13. Preview your page and move the "Custom Liquid" block to your desired spot on the page:

    How to add customer reviews to shopify

✅ Voila! Now your Shopify store has customer reviews.

Import, manage, embed reviews

Import, manage, embed reviews

Import, manage, embed reviews