How to embed reviews on Framer

How to embed reviews on Framer

November 15, 2023

Kirill Tereshchenko
How to embed reviews on Framer

Let users know they can trust you. Embed your existing reviews on your Framer website. It may take time if you have to manually copy-paste them. But you can automate it with customer testimonial software like Wally.

Why use Wally to embed reviews on Framer?

🏄‍♀️ Save your time! Bulk import reviews from Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, and more in one click. No manual work.

✍️ Edit and approve! Filter negative reviews and edit content as needed.

🔒 Verified reviews! Each review includes the original link and users can validate them.

🎨 Your own design! Design the testimonials widget to match your website branding.

⭐️ Embed reviews on Framer using Framer Remix ✨ It's easy!

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How to embed reviews on Framer:

Step 1: Import your existing reviews

Wally supports importing from 9 review and social platforms – explore all platforms.

  1. Log in to Wally using your Google account or enter your email:

    Wally Login page

  2. Choose the platforms from which you want to import reviews to Framer:

Add reviews to Framer website

After you have imported reviews, proceed to the next step to edit and manage them.

Step 2: Manage reviews

Edit content and approve positive reviews to add them to the Framer testimonial widget:

Review management service

Step 3: Design testimonials widget

Set your own design for your testimonial widget to match your website branding:

  • Adjust styles and colors.

  • Show or hide elements such as avatar, stars, date, platform logo, and link.

  • Set the order for displaying reviews or randomize it with each page load.

Testimonials widget design

Step 4: Embed reviews on Framer

  1. Remix this Framer project into your account.

    Button to remix the Framer project

  2. Select the "Testimonials by Wally" component and copy it.

    Wally Testimonials component in Framer

  3. Navigate to your Framer website.

  4. In the left sidebar, select the page where you want to add a widget.

  5. Paste the copied component (CTRL+V / CMD+V).

  6. Move the component to the right place on your page (the easiest way to do it is in the Layers menu).

    List of website page elements

  7. Return to Wally to get embed code for your own testimonials widget.

  8. Navigate to the "Widgets" menu and select the preferred testimonials widget:

    Testimonials widget

  9. Click the "Embed widget" button:

    Embed testimonials widget button

  10. Copy the provided code snippet:

    Embed testimonials widget code

  11. Return to Framer.

  12. Replace the default embed code with your copied embed code from Wally.

    Testimonials widget embed code

  13. Change the component background to match your website design.

    Testimonials widget background color

  14. Preview the page to ensure the widget appears as intended.

✅ Congratulations! You've added existing reviews to your Framer website.

Import, manage, embed reviews

Import, manage, embed reviews

Import, manage, embed reviews